Rhoda Faller

Dear Patrick:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the assistance you have given my clients. Trying to navigate through the Nursing Home and Assisted Living Facility maze is a daunting task and very stressful for folks already in a stressful situation. It is truly a blessing that you are there to help them find the correct place when a facility is needed. It is helpful not only for people who live out of town with the loved one in Louisville, but also helpful for family members living in Louisville who are just overwhelmed. You are caring, thoughtful, and look at each family as a unique situation. You do not use the same solution for everyone, but find out what a family truly needs. Patrick, you work for the family, not for the facilities, as some folks do. That gives the families the comfort of knowing you are truly on their side. Your long experience in the field has given you the background and knowledge needed to be an excellent resource. I will continue to recommend you to my clients in the future.

With warm regards, I remain Sincerely yours,