Janel Ehlers

My sister-in-law Brenda had Brain Cancer. She had been living with my husband and myself for a year. She was a very independent person and this was very hard for her. The disease had taken her speech so communication was very difficult as she could no longer write. I was her Power Of Attorney and therefore had to take charge of her everyday living. You don’t realize how complicated the system is until you have to navigate it. I was trying to get answers on Medicaid and Nursing Homes etc. It was so frustrating and overwhelming. I got the name of Pat Coomes from one of the contacts I had made. The time had come that we knew we had to find a Nursing Home for Brenda, she was going down hill and more than we could handle anymore. I called Pat and right away I knew it was the best call I had made in months. I explained our situation to him and right away he made arrangements to come to our home and meet us. The fact that he would come to us and we did not have to try and get Brenda to him was a relief . From the minute he got to our home he was polite and respectful not only to us but to Brenda, he really made her feel that she was part of the decision. Pat made all the calls and set up the appointments. He knew that Medicaid had to be addressed, and made sure the nursing home was on board. We had Brenda go to the Highlands Health and Rehabilitation. When we went to visit the home it is an older facility, but the staff could not have been nicer, they showed us all of the facility and explained everything. Being an older facility we were looking at everything, it was clean and well kept. They helped every step of the way, the Medicaid was all taken care of by the wonderful staff. Brenda was well taken care of by all of the lovely people there who treated her like family. When Brenda needed something they were on top of it and kept us informed all the time on any info we needed. Brenda lost her fight in April, but we are at peace knowing that the last few months of her life when we couldn’t take care of her she was with people that cared. Thank you to Pat and Highlands for everything that you did. We could not have done it without you.