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Making the decision to put an elderly family member into a nursing home environment can be a very hard process. Often it is required due to a sudden illness or health emergency, but it can also be something you and your family have been discussing for some time. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the right place for your elder, and there are a lot of options and questions to ask.  It can feel very overwhelming.  Some examples:

  • Do they accept Medicaid or your family’s insurance?
  • How much and how easy is access to medical care?
  • How much attention and assistance can they provide to your loved one?
  • What therapies are offered?

In reality, the list can really go on and on – from the more medical types of information, to how good the food is.

Why Work with Pat? Pat Coomes is extremely knowledgeable with Louisville, KY and S. Indiana nursing home facilities and the services they offer.  He’s grown up in this area and is a specialist in helping families gain peace of mind that they are choosing the right place for their senior citizen. Not only is he familiar with the local organizations, but he can work with your family and truly help ease the transition from the home to a higher care environment.  Contact him today to schedule a consultation or learn more about the process.  He welcomes the opportunity to assist you in making this decision, offering education on the process or even providing an expert review of the decisions you have already made.

Be Cautious of  “Free Referral Services”

You have probably seen “Free Referral Services” advertised during your search. However, be leery of those that offer recommendations as a free service, as they actually get referral fees from only a handful of the Assisted Living and Personal Care facilities in Louisville, KY. As a matter of fact, Assisted Living Communities in S. Indiana do not even pay referral fees to agents.

By law, any nursing home that accepts Medicaid (federal/state dollars) cannot pay any referral fees; therefore these “Free Referral Service” companies may not be willing to work with a family that needs nursing home care.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Pat’s knowledge of the various facilities and how well they would fit our mother’s particular needs was remarkable.  When we made a selection, Pat stayed in regular contact with the facility and with us to ensure a smooth transition.” –Allison, Silver Spring, MD

Visit our testimonials page to read more reviews of Pat’s senior placement services.

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