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If you have Googled the term “assisted living”, you have probably seen hundreds of assisted living options to choose from. It can be very overwhelming as you begin researching the right place for your senior family member. Pat can help your family with assisted living options in Louisville, KY.

Families are either having to strongly convince their loved one to move out of their home environment (which may not be an easy task) due to concerns of falls, dementia or declining ability for self-care, or the home environment is no longer an option after health issues or accidents.  Whichever is your situation, you need to feel confident that they are going to like where they go.

Expert Knowledge of Louisville Area Assisted Living Properties

This is where Pat Coomes can be a great asset. He is from this area and has excellent knowledge of the assisted living facilities in the Louisville, KY and Southern Indiana area.  He knows their reputations, services, access to medical care, ability to dispense medication and much more. His services can save you countless hours in internet research, time on the phone with the facilities and property visitations, especially if you live out of town.

Gain Peace of Mind

Contact Pat today. He can help you wherever you are in this process – whether it be approaching your loved one with the subject of moving, researching properties or even if you need assurance that the place you have chosen is the right choice, he is there to support your family.  His goal is to help each family member feel at peace with the decision that is made.

Watch Out for “Free Referral Services”

You have probably seen “Free Referral Services” advertised during your search. However, those that offer assisted living recommendations as a free service get referral fees from the facilities where the senior moves. For example; only 10 communities in the Louisville MSA will pay a fee, yet there are over 50 facilities to choose from. So essentially, these entities are only going to recommend these facilities, or less than 20% of the marketplace.

Additionally, the properties that pay the commissions are typically on the higher end for pricing – from $3,000 to $6,000 per month. The monthly cost of the facility doesn’t always equate to the best place for your family members.  Contact Pat, and he can help you choose the right place for your family.  He does not accept commissions from these facilities and will be able to give you unbiased recommendations based on your needs.

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