I recently had a 70-something gentleman (we’ll call him Mr. Jack) reach out to me via my website. He was calling on behalf of a recently widowed woman, who he knew primarily through her husband. He said she had very few freinds and that her relationship with her only child, who also is her Power of Attorney was very strained, and that she and her daughter now, spoke infrequently.

Based on the information that Mr. Jack shared with me, the widowed woman was very concerned about a $2,000 invoice she had recieved from the caregiving agency (could also have been a Home Health Agency, yet he didn’t know) she was using. He inquired about my 90 minute consulting fee, and I informed Mr. Jack that I charge $150. He feared she would immediately be turned off by the fee, but would make an attempt to persuade her.

Senior Care Managers are paid to help with situations such as this. We view each seniors needs and budgetary constraints on an individual basis. Someone who is recently widowed; questioning a $2,000 out of pocket bill for in-home care, and not getting along with her POA daughter, is certainly a candidate for an objective voice, such as from a Senior Care Manager. As an 11 year veteran of the senior car field, I know that most seniors and their adult children know very little about what they are purchasing when it comes to senior care.

Let’s hope this particular senior looks beyond the consultation fee, and gets the solid advice, and some hand holding she needs.

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