Frequently Asked Questions about Senior Care Services

How do I get started?

Simply call or email Pat Coomes and schedule a time for him to meet with you.

How much experience in the industry does Pat have?

Pat Coomes has worked in the senior living and aging field since 2002. Five years in the non-medical home care area (non-profit), and another 4 years as a marketing and admissions counselor in a community based living environment. Pat has advised and personally worked with several hundred seniors and their adult children. Pat understands the many complexities of older- life transitions.

What services does Senior Solutions & Consulting offer?
  • Advocacy—Pat is an objective voice for seniors in the Greater Louisville and S. Indiana area. Pat dispenses professional advice and makes recommendations for his clients just as he would for his own mother.
  • Independent, Assisted Living and Personal Care Home Placement
  • Skilled Nursing and Medicaid Placement
  • Review of Long Term Care Insurance Policies—seniors really need to know how, when and what services their long term care insurance will pay for.
  • Budgetary Constraints—Have you asked yourself, “Would it be more economically sound to age at home; an Assisted Living; or at a community with all levels of care, especially one that has Medicaid beds? As A Geriatric Care Manager, Pat helps you understand the affordability factor for the various and sometimes complex services being marketed to seniors.
Do I need to call around to different Assisted Living and Nursing Homes?

No, there’s no need for you to spend your time calling and or visiting facilities only to find that they are either full, or simply are not right for you. Pat will do that for you. He has spent many years getting to know the staff, levels of care and nuances of each community so that he can recommend which facilities fits the senior’s needs and which ones you should visit. Proximity, spiritual, psychological-social and budgetary needs are always discussed with each client prior to making any recommendations for community, or home based care.

Does Senior Solutions & Consulting make recommendations for Caregivers and other in-home care providers?

Yes. There are more than 40 non-medical home care agencies in Louisville and S. Indiana. For anyone looking for services such as these for the first time, it can be overwhelming in choosing whom to trust. Pat will always recommend two or three providers that have excellent, long standing reputations in the community.

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