As a private care manager and senior living navigator for senior citizens and their adult children, it’s quite common for families to hire Senior Solutions & Consulting when they are already in a crisis. I often hear, “I wish I had known of you a year ago”

For example:

Perhaps mom recently broke a hip, had a short hospital stay and is now being discharged to a rehab facility that the senior and family know very little, if anything about. Sure, mom’s rehabilitation (at least the first 20 days) will be covered by Medicare Part A, but is the family aware that days 21 thru 100, Medicare covers everything except $148 a day. That means the patient/ senior will have to pay up to $148 each day, unless they have a Medigap Policy, also known as Medicare Supplemental Insurance.

Unfortunately, some seniors do not have Medigap coverage and cannot pay out of pocket, therefore they may be asked, (and often are) to leave a rehab/ nursing facility just before their 20 days of Medicare Part A coverage expires. Unless mom is safe to return home with home health care, she will have to locate, and move to another nursing home so as to continue her rehabilitation. A careful check of whether “mom” has a supplemental insurance plan, or the financial resources to pay privately after 20 days, well before being discharged from the hospital should always be done. Unfortunately, seniors and their loved one’s often don’t know the right questions to ask, and the hospital discharge is a rushed, and confusing process.

That’s why so many families have said to me of late “I wish I had known of you a year ago”.

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