Getting older is a time to enjoy and relax. However, a lot of seniors and their families are discovering how complicated life can get. With so much information online is it hard to figure out what really works for you. Don’t go in it alone and try to figure it out as it comes.

The best solution is a senior living consultant, meeting up with real people and finding out real options. Figuring out where your senior will be living is huge decision. Do you choose aging in place or a nursing home? Aging in place is the choice to live in one’s own home. There are many things to consider with this option, for example will this home be safe and suitable for a comfortable lifestyle. If not, finding a nursing home that works within your budget and needs can be a daunting task. Having a senior care advocate makes this process a lot easier. Filling out paperwork is a fact of life but placing together it all together is overwhelming. Do you know what it takes to complete a medicaid application or other type of assistance? Have you considered a  living will and other important legal documents? Without completing paperwork the right way, seniors and their families can find themselves in a bad situation.

Life should be enjoyed! Hire a senior living consultant to help you explore the right options and be your voice in the choices you make. For your senior it may feel like they are alone and limited, but it does not have to be that way. Senior Solutions & Consulting is brought to you by Pat Coomes. He has been part of the aging field for over 10 years and has professional knowledge of local in-home care and community-based living options.

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