Hey Pat,

As I explained in my voicemail – I have a 97 year-old grandmother that still lives alone.  She owns her home, which used to be very well cared for, in a neighborhood that used to be well manicured.

My mother is the oldest and has a controlling brother and a younger sister.  Three years ago my grandmother filled out the paper work to get on the waiting list of Little Sister’s of the Poor.  Unfortunely, my controlling uncle did not submit the application for whatever reasons.

None of them know what they are doing.  I talked to my Mom about you and she agreed that they need your help.  I want what is best for my grandmother.  Could you please give my Mom a call?  She will probably be available to speak next week on the phone.  My dad had a heart attack yesterday morning (geez) and is doing fine, but not yet released from the hospital.

My mother’s name is Mrs. Jones.  Her home phone number is 000-000-0000

Thanks for joining our Networking group 🙂

Mrs. Jones daughter”

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