It is very disheartening to see a beloved elderly relative begin to slow down, or perhaps show signs of dementia – such signs include dishevelment, poor housekeeping or behavior inconsistent with previous life habits.  If it is possible, persuade the person in question to be examined by a doctor who is a specialist in senior behavior; such a physician is referred to as a gerontologist. If it is clear that there is a health issue involved, the patient is in need of a professional geriatric care manager.  In most, cases these practitioners have a background in nursing, social work or gerontology. In most states they are state certified.  Do not trust your loved ones’ health and wealth to an amateur.

On March 5, 2013, professional geriatric care manger Lisa Meeks was quoted in Digital as defining her job as falling somewhere between a case worker and a daughter, definitely not a job for the faint of heart, but clearly requiring a professional. When you are in over your head, you would do well to contact Senior Solutions and Consulting in the Louisville area at (502) 905-2290.  Even if you are an adult child out of the area, we can be of great help assisting your aging parent’s financial and living affairs from a distance. It is not a good idea to wait; these services are best planned when the geriatric loved one is still physically and mentally sound.  If you need to implement plans or just receive sympathetic information, call or e-mail our experts for immediate help.

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