During the Christmas season, was the caregiver you were expecting fail to show? Thoughts of assisted living or skilled nursing placement probably came to mind as a “quick fix”. Undependable, paid caregivers put an inordinate amount of pressure on the family member who is managing the care for a loved one. The underappreciated family caregiver begins to suffer from burnout.

Managing a loved one’s care from out of state or long distances, or even supervising care on a day to day basis, can be exhausting. Match this task with that of a full-time job, and it’s any wonder the family caregiver, has any energy or patience left at the end of the day. Let’s be honest; we all need our own personal space, and time to re-charge our batteries. When not given that opportunity to re-charge our batteries, we become overburdened, overworked and look for a quick solution, and placement is not always the fix.

Consider a Geriatric Care Manager. Geriatric Care Managers manage the day to day activities of seniors and are paid to do so. It’s their full-time job, letting  family member/ caregiver do their full-time job. They can supervise the whole care process. For those caregivers managing out of state well, no more last minute flights, simply a conference call with the Geriatric Care Manager, or even a simple text, letting the loved one know that everyone, and everything is OK.

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