Recently an adult daughter of a senior reached out to my practice for advice. I was very flattered that she had held onto my card for over 3 years, and was now, ready to meet with me.

Her mother has been living at the same CCRC, Continuum of Care Retirement Community in Louisville, KY for almost 4 years. Like many senior care facilities, they’ve sunk millions into upgrades, so as to improve their image and become one of the most appealing (gorgeous) short term, rehab centers in the area. With more overhead and long term debt, comes the increased need to “keep the beds full”. Perhaps the focus on care slips, with a new interest to keep the profits rolling.

Almost immediately into our initial meeting, the daughter wanted to move her mother somewhere, almost anywhere, because in her mind the care had become substandard. The facility has long been a great one; caring for seniors for many decades. Sure, they made upgrades, and maybe have lost a little of the care focus that has made them great, but in my opinion, there was no reason to move.

I scheduled a care plan meeting with the facility staff (@ 6 were present) myself, the daughter and her brother. Many items of the mother’s care were discussed. Most importantly, the adult children felt confident to voice their opinions, and simply vent. The care for her mother has improved, but most importantly, the facility who had long cared for her mother, was in many ways, put on notice. In this particular case, the Care Manager (me) empowered the daughter and son to speak their grievances, yet also alerted the staff, that I would be monitoring the care for their mother as well.

Often times a Geriatric Care Manager can simply get the two parties together to discuss the issues.


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