What is Aging Life Care?

geriatric care, older adult being pushed in a wheelchair

What You Need to Know Aging Life Care / geriatric care management is a holistic, client-centered approach to caring for older adults or others facing ongoing health challenges.  Working with families, the expertise of Aging Life Care Professionals™ provides the answers at a time of uncertainty. Their guidance leads families to the actions and decisions…

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How to Deal with Depression after a Stroke

older man with head in his hand

A stroke can trigger depression For most people, the word “stroke” brings to mind a constellation of problems, including paralysis and difficulty with speech. But if someone has recently had a stroke, you’re probably well aware that the effects go well beyond the physical. The emotional aftermath can be just as overwhelming and far more…

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Professional Care Manager/ Senior Care Consultant

cartoon of 2 older people walking in front of a home

I cannot begin to describe the number of times someone told me, “I wish I had known about you when…” I usually tell them now that they know, please tell everyone! Geriatric Care Managers are the aging experts that support and guide the senior and his/her family through the transitions of aging or chronic needs.…

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Tips to help Aging Parents Overcome Resistance to needing help

Person in wheelchair being pushed through a meadow

1. Figure out which family member(s) need, or should have the conversation with your parent ie: which adult child might they listen to. 2. Start slowly with caregiving hours. It’s likely your loved one could use more “hours”, but overwhelming a parent with new faces can build resistance. 3. Talk to your parent about their…

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